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The 2019 Bloodgood Detonation Special Edition contains new unreleased bonus tracks and modified interior artwork. But if you think that's all Detonation has to offer you couldn't be more wrong. 


This 1987 Detonation is on everybody's best Christian Rock albums of the decade, of the year or of the era. Regardless where it lands for you, it's clearly one of the most influential albums to ever grace the scene, thanks in part to the theatrics that were included with Crucify and Messiah.

Bloodgood's David Zaffiro, former BLOODGOOD guitarist, now an award winning producer, engineer and songwriter took exceptional care to rebuild Detonation from the ground up. 

Bloodgood also dug deep into the archives and added 2 songs plus a guitar solo from the 1987 Live in Sacramento, CA show.  You Loose, Guitar Burn and Vagrant People have all been added to this Special Edition.


It's amazing what 30+ years can do to ones perspective and what 30+ years can do to cement your name as one of the greatest Christian Rock albums of all time.  Detonation Special Edition does just that. 

Detonation Special Edition

Excluding Sales Tax
    1. Battle Of The Flesh
    2. Vagrant People
    3. Self-Destruction
    4. Alone In Suicide
    5. Heartbeat (Of The City)
    6. Eat The Flesh
    7. Holy Fire
    8. Crucify
    9. The Messiah
    10. Live Wire


    1. You Loose (Live in Sacramento 1987)
    2. Zaffiro Guitar Burn (Live in Sacramento 1987)
    3. Vagrant People (Live in Sacramento 1987)
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