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Paul Jackson

Lead Guitar, Background Vocals, Songwriter
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My Story

I grew up in a house that was constantly surrounded by music and musicians My dad, Grover Jackson, played country music for a living and hosted a local television variety show and was well known in the area for helping launch artists such as The Ventures and Loretta Lynn. My dad discouraged the thought of my following in his footsteps, telling me that the music business was a long road of hardship and disappointment. Being a pre-teen, I used that as motivation to play his instruments while he was away from the house. It came naturally and I found it easy to pick out notes on the radio and learn songs by ear. By the time my dad discovered that I was getting serious about being a rockstar, I had progressed too far to discourage.

I joined my first band by the time I was 12. I auditioned for the band by playing the solo from “Love Gun” by the band (and my new musical heroes), “Kiss”. I played with the same group of guys from Gig Harbor, WA for the next several years, making only a few changes to the lineup but multiple changes to the bands name. The band, “Boibs”, had the most success in the area and was said to have the best chance at a national recording contract at the time. The band was one of the highest draws in both the club and under age venues. Band members included: Rick Lovrovich (Apple Jam), Greg Gilmore (Mother Lovebone) and Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam). Unfortunately, we were playing so much that we were losing the excitement to play together and eventually I left.

Shortly before the Boibs disbanded, we were in need of a sound and lighting crew. It was then that I was introduced to Michael Bloodgood and Les Carlsen. I was warned by my manager that they were Jesus freaks and not to be offended by them. I could tell a difference in the way Michael and Les conducted themselves but was never solicited or pressured to engage in any religious conversations or debates. It was this honest and living by example attitude that interested me in committing to Christ. It is funny to think… out of all the people that BLOODGOOD helped lead to Christ… I was one of them.


During a trip to Yakima WA, Les asked me to hang out and jam together. He said that he and Michael were recording a Christian Heavy Metal album under the name “BLOODGOOD”. In no time we wrote the song “Demon On The Run”. We continued our relationship and collaborated on the next two BLOODGOOD releases co-writing “Crucify” on “Detonation” and “Seven” off of “Rock in A Hard Place”.

In 1989, I was asked by Michael and Les to record and do some writing on the next album “Out of the Darkness”. The experience was so rewarding that I was asked to perform live with them for the next few shows. I continued to solidify my position as a permanent fixture in the band by performing on the live DVD’s “Alive in America” and “Shakin' the World”. After some touring in the US and Europe, we released “All Stand Together” in which I was credited with the most co-writing credits to date. The next release “To Germany with Love” was our second live record. This release summed up the energy of the band and combined it with a dedicated German fan base.


I am happy to say that we are currently performing shows and also writing for a new release. I have loved performing and contributing with such great men with a true heart for the Lord. The order of Christ, Family and then music has served the band well and will continue to do so. The relationship between band members historically is the cause of a band’s demise. In BLOODGOOD, it has always been what excites us and keeps us together.

Personal Projects

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We all know that Paul Jackson is a stellar guitar player, but he also has a great voice as is evident in his duet with his wife, Faith.

However, she is the greatest surprise! Faith's voice is strong, with rich tones and great expression. Together, they have created a  feel-good Christmas record of traditional holiday songs that has become a staple at our house every year! Les and Joyce Carlsen

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