Veterans of both the heavy metal and Christian rock scenes, Bloodgood's unique blend of music and message has amassed both a fan base that appreciates their music, as well as a body that loves God. In today's sometimes frantic and highly charged world where musicians, celebrities and public figures have new mediums and broad reach with the ability to influence thousands, if not millions, it is interesting for us as a band to see how that influence is used, or in some cases abused. Bloodgood has always led with our own unique style of hard charging heavy metal rock as our way of connecting with our fans. But very quickly, the power and impact of the message comes through. Bloodgood has stayed true to not using their influence to spread their own agenda, but instead, God's agenda.
Les Carlsen
Loved the music of Elvis Presley, his showmanship and presentation were inspiring. The Beatles had major impact ... More
Michael Bloodgood
As a kid, I grew up listening to Big Band Music, all the great crooners like Sinatra, Martin and Crosby ... More
Paul Jackson
I grew up in a house that was constantly surrounded by music and musicians My Dad Grover Jackson ...
Oz Fox
Born and raised in a family that was inspired by music, my first encounters with melody were from my father ... More
Kevin Whisler
Being the youngest of four, music was a big part of my life. I quickly realized how much easier it was to read sheet music for drums... More
From the Band Founders

Michael Bloodgood
"The idea for putting Bloodgood together came long before there was anything like Christian/White Metal. It was born through prayer and a burden the Lord put on my heart. At the time, there was no outreach of any kind for all the people into metal... More

Les Carlsen
After I was saved the desire I had of becoming a rock star vanished. Just following Him, became my main goal. I began to plan my new life and how that would look without music. Well, God had another idea. I guess because I was... More

The band was never about trying to get a record deal and hit the "big time." The main focus of Bloodgood was always to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The music was the tool because of it's universal appeal, it opened the doors for us. As time went on, we retained our evangelistic message but also added music presenting a Christian worldview. Songs like Alone in Suicide and America would touch on social issues that could only be resolved through Christ. Others admonished our Christian audience, songs like Do Or Die, All Stand Together and others.

We wanted the Lord to orchestrate our ministry and bring us to where He could reach the unsaved and encourage believers. And that's exactly what He did! The stacks of letters we receive, and continue to receive, of changed lives, bear witness to the anointing God put on our music. None of us in the band take credit for that. To God be the glory!"

– Michael Bloodgood
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